There is no doubt that the UK has brought many great things to the world … football, tennis, rugby, cricket (well, you can’t argue with 1 billion Indians!!) and, of course, UK Motorcycle Tours.

These fantastic sports are good for whiling away the odd hour or two but quite frankly, if you haven’t tried a UK Motorcycle Tours biking holiday you are missing a treat.

From the rolling countryside of southern England to the rugged coastlines of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we provide every bikers dream adventure. Every one of our tours is meticulously planned so that you will get the most out of your motorcycle holiday.

Our tours are operated exclusively around the UK for adventurous and fun seeking bikers (and pillions!). We travel to all four corners to bring you the best that the United Kingdom has to offer.


Take a look at our extensive tour program for the upcoming 2012 season. We're sure that you will find something that will inspire you to book one of the best UK motorcycle holidays available.

Why use UK Motorcycle Tours?

For a start it’s run by a group of passionate bikers, so we know what other bikers want out of a biking tour. Add to that the fact that we have over 20 years experience touring the UK and Europe we are absolutely confident that we can deliver the sort of motorcycle tour to remember.

We cater for all tastes (and, yes, we are talking about men and women) – we know that some hardened tour riders love to rack up large distances; some prefer a more gentle approach involving plenty of pub visits along the way; some want to take in some road racing. Whatever takes your fancy … we can make it happen for you.

How to book a UK Motorcycle Tour

Have a look at the range of motorcycle tours we have on offer. Choose one, download the PDF booking form, fill in your details, post it to us and we’ll do the rest. We will book your ferry crossings (on the Ireland tours) and take care of every detail. You’ll have already covered some distance to get to your meeting point at the hotel for your first night, so it's time for a few drinks and opportunity to get to know each other before your UK Motorcycle tour begins.


Latest UK McTours T Shirts

Purchase our latest UKMR T Shirts at a special price of £18 inc P&P. The t shirts are high quality items made from 100% cotton and are fully machine washable. All sizes available.

UK McTours DVD

A DVD covering all of the special moments you experience throughout the tour with us will be available to purchase approx two weeks following your tour. Prices to follow.

UK McTours 2013 Calendar

We are in the process of producing a high quality UK Motorcycle Tours 2013 calendar. The calendar will include some of the stunning views and images taken on our 2012 tours!